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What is Tabaarak?

September 14, 2008


Alhamdulillah we covered: tahmeed, tasbeeh and takbeer. InshaAllah (for now) the last dhikr we will dissect is tabaarak: Blessed is He, He is Greatly Blessed. This word tabaarak is only used for Allah ta’ala.

Tabaarak comes from same root as barakah, ba-ra-kaaf (ب-ر-ك) and barakah gives three meanings:

  • Source of katheerul khayr, a lot of good, full of goodness. So Mubaarak, one with barakah, is that which has a lot of good in it and is where unexpected and expected good is received. So Tabaarak, He is Blessed, means a lot of unexpected and expected good comes from Allah.
  • Source of katheerul fawaa’id, a lot of benefits. Allah is the source of a lot of benefits.
  • That which is firm and has continuity. So this goodness is thaabit, firm: it continues to be a source of goodness and grant one goodness.

So Tabaarak Allah, Blessed is Allah: He is rich with khayr and He is the One who gives khayr.

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