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Khutbah Central: A Great Resource for Khateebs

October 13, 2008


For any brothers who deliver khutbahs out there: is for the aspiring khateeb in your community. We provide the tools to:

  • Generate a Khutbah. Go to Khutbah Generator, enter your first Khutbah and second Khutbah in the text boxes and hit “Generate Khutbah”. We’ll make you a PDF version of the Khutbah that you can print. We have included enough text in the template to avoid any difference of opinions amongst the scholars. And you can even include translations, if you want.
  • Draft a Khutbah. How to make a Khutbah? What are the steps? What kind of research do I need to do? It’s all here in a small, handy guide.
  • Get ready to deliver your Khutbah. What was the sunnah of the Prophet [SAWS] as a khateeb? How to deliver the Khutbah? What about the salaah afterwards? We got it all covered in the Khateeb’s Guide, alhamdulillah.

Check it out:

The Khutbah Generator is really awesome mashaAllah! May Allah azza wa jal reward those who worked on this, Ameen!

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  1. October 13, 2008 2:59 pm


    That is wicked !!!

    (n.b. for the less streetwise and more educated that’s wicked as in great, excellent, amazing, not wicked as in evil or devilish 🙂 )


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