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Name of Allah: As-Samad

April 4, 2009


As Samad

This Name comprises many magnificent and great Attributes of Allah, worthy of All Praise. The Majestic, Most Powerful, The Master Who is perfect in His Mastery, the One Who is qualified with perfect Honor, the Great One Who is perfect in His Greatness, Al Haleem, Who is perfect in His clemency and Forbearance, Al Ghaniyy, Who is perfect in being absolutely free from all wants, the Omnipotent, Who is perfect in His Omnipotence, the All Knowing, Who is perfect in His knowledge, the All Wise, who is perfect in His Wisdom. He is the One Who is Perfect in all types of nobility and greatness; He is Allah, far removed from every imperfection or abasement, the Most High, Who is above everything, the Everlasting, Who does not perish, He begets not nor was He begotten, the Only, the One who has no fear. He neither eats nor drinks, the One Whom all creatures seek in their needs, and He Alone Has these qualities, for they do not apply to anyone else except Him. –All of this constitutes His Name As Samad.

-Dr Saleh as Saleh rahimahullah

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